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Hi, I'm Jena Lee. Maybe it's time to tell you a bit about myself, as it reflects a lot on my creations of course :)


After a few years as purchasing director, I became owner of several retail stores in Saint-Tropez and its surroundings: Jardin Tropézina, Moorea Plage, and Hubside Jumping. And as years went by, I decided some time later in 2019 to launch my own clothing brand « Jena-Lee ». It was quite a challenge to find the right manufacturers, who I can share the same values of quality, esthetic, confort, and above all ethics.

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It's why from the beginning I have worked with a small workshop in the very center of Paris. This "Made in France" label was for me the first most important step I had to take. It allows me to unsure high quality outfits with the possibility to control easily the fabrication, using natural fabrics.

For each new collection, we take time as a team to design, try, correct, undo, redo, and so on until the perfect piece comes together. A piece that will last.

Being born in Switzerland, while being raised between Geneva and Saint-Tropez, with a family of entrepreneurs, gave me a chance to have precious advices and guidance to produce every year products I can be proud of. My family and experience made me the self-driven and energic business woman I am today.

Hope this monologue wasn't too long and if you read up to now, thank you so much. Hopefully you'll find the outfit you are looking for here...

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